Don’t miss out on your chance for FREE Prizes!

Make sure you like our facebook page to play our newest game! It’s called: #WhereInMaineIsThatContainer? We post pictures on our feed every so often. Your job is to post your guess in the comments below the picture. If you are the first one to comment correctly, you will win a FREE prize from Maine Trailer! Click here to visit our page!

The rules are simple:
1. Only one comment will count per person; if you add multiple comments you are disqualified.
2. The first person to comment correctly will win the prize. Comments may be added up until the next contest begins (when our next container photo is posted).
3. We are looking for specific guesses, not a guess of “someone’s front yard”.


Now what are you waiting for? Go post your guess now!

#MaineTrailer #StorageContainer

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