Storage & Shipping Containers

New and used storage containers*

Shipping containers are a hot commodity in today’s market. They are used for storage, housing, garages, office space, art studios, bathrooms or shower facilities, bars, swimming pools – essentially anything you can imagine! Maine Trailer gets containers direct from the port to ensure quality.

We offer:

  • 20 foot containers
  • 40 foot containers
  • 40 foot High Cube containers
  • Statewide delivery by experienced drivers

We also offer container customization to meet your needs.

Find the storage container that’s right for you:

Maine Trailer storage shipping container size weight dimensions payload

*All storage containers are at least one-trip over the ocean. One-trip containers are considered new, and multi-trip containers are considered used.

Looking for short-term storage? Lease a container through Maine Trailer today!

What should you expect when you get a container delivered? Watch this video to better understand what the process will look like!